Trevor Bauer tells Avisail Garcia to get in the box, then sit down


The Cleveland Indians have been getting dominant pitching in the second half of the year, even with Andrew Miller still on the disabled list. It’s a big reason why they’ve moved to #2 in ESPN’s power rankings this week, only behind the Dodgers.

Trevor Bauer has been a big piece of the league leading rotation, and he took the hill today against the struggling Chicago White Sox. On top of being solid, Bauer is one of the most electric guys in the league to watch. Some days he’ll definitely make you want to fork your eyes out, but other days his uniqueness is must-watch. Today was one of those days when Avisail Garcia stepped up to the plate. Check out the full exchange here.

I’m not sure what started the beef here, but watching Bauer (the least self aware person on the planet) tell Garcia to get back in the box, and then to sit down, is incredible.

Trevor Bauer typically sits about 93-94. This exchange with Garcia brought 98 mph out of the Tribe righty. This was fun to watch, but as an Indians fan I’m not sure how I feel about the best team in the AL starting beef with the worst team in the Central during the month of September.