Texas Baseball Coach Augie Garrido Loses His Mind

"This isn't about some god d*mn game, this is about our lives!"


When it comes to legends in the game of baseball, University of Texas’s Augie Garrido is at the TOP of the list. He heads the all-time wins list of coaches in college baseball, and also holds the record for the greatest rant of all time as voted on by Baseball Fam staff.

He’s one of those coaches everyone would die to play for. But then every morning during practice hearing him scream your ears off would have you like “why the hell did I want to play for Satan?”

But you know what? A coach like Augie Garrido brings out the best possible ball player in you. You don’t get better being applauded for good effort and hustle, you get better by being demanded to produce results. That’s why Texas Longhorn baseball is what it is and has been for so long.

You need coaches that’ll scream…

“if this was a fuckin fist fight…which most of you don’t know one fuckin thing about, we would be dead”

“this isn’t about some god damn game, this is about our lives! Don’t you get it?!” – Augie Garrido