NLCS Game 3

The Cubs flirt, laugh, beckon.


Wrigley was jam packed for NLCS Game 3. Cubs fans were elbow to elbow, yelling and cheering each other on. The crack of the bat sounded and immediately everyone lost it, urging the ball to drive deeper into the night sky. Unfortunately, the cheers came up short as did most of the balls that the Cubs smoked into the starless night.

The Cubs teased. They flirted. They beckoned. They came up short in a huge game. Though the series is far from over, I almost shed real tears last night as Soler laid face first in the outfield grass.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend NLCS game three at Wrigley field. The experience was unforgettable, besides the Cubs losing in Cubbie fashion which took the whole crowd out of it. Though they lost, Wrigley was LIT. While the Mets were being introduced, the crowd started a “Let’s Go Cubbies” chant. Check out the video below. Sorry for the poor quality, the video looked great until I uploaded it to youtube. Oh well.

The game itself was amazing until about the fifth inning when Montero let the tenth dirtball of the inning squirt through allowing Cespedes to score from third on what should have been a strike out. The crowd slowly sunk within themselves. Cubs fans, as dedicated as these, knew that it was too good to be true when their team made it past, arguably, the best team in baseball.

The fans sat back and sulked, having to listen to the ignorant Mets fans talk shit about their Cubs players. Now, unfortunately, the Cubs look to pull off what the ’04 Red Sox did. Just 11 years later.¬†Every Cub fan around me felt like Sean Rodriguez during the Wild Card Game. Yes, I’m still using this gif because it’s fucking hilarious.

The last time the Cubs lost three in a row, they came back and won eight straight. This may be the post season but don’t ever give up hope; you are never out of the fight.

Wrigley’s crowd was standing room only. Once the game ended, I headed toward the Red Line. For you non-Chicagoans, the Red Line is the train station that stops off on Addison, a block from Wrigley field and in the heart of Wrigleyville. I turned the corner on Addison and was greeted by a crowd of over 500 people, trying to force their way into the train station. That was the worst I have ever seen the crowd at Wrigley. Welcome to playoff baseball and shoutout to Uber for picking my lazy ass up in crowded Wrigleyville.