My predictions aren’t that crazy right?


Alright, let’s talk about some of my predictions for this year. Everyone does it so I
figured I’d throw my hat in the ring as well. We will go division winners with projected record, wild card games, playoff winners and eventual World Series winners.

AL East

It would be too easy for me to say the New York Yankees. I feel like everyone and their mother are picking them. I understand the pick, their lineup is phenomenal and I think they could potentially break every home run record every records this year, but they don’t have a very good starting rotation. The Boston Red Sox may not have as much pop in their lineup, but it is very balanced and they closed the gap with the signing of JD Martinez. What sets them apart in this division is their starting rotation. Chris Sale, David Price, and Drew Pomeranz with the most dominant closer the last five years shutting the door. This is actually an easy pick for me. They can outslug teams if they need to, but they won’t give up very many runs either. Winner – Boston Red Sox.

AL Central

The Cleveland Indians will run away with the division yet again this year. It isn’t even close. They are currently 1/6 favorites to win it and every team other than the Twins have gotten considerably worse. If the Twins had signed Darvish and made the move for Odorizzi it may have got me thinking, but they are still too young and too far away to win the division. Cleveland fans, don’t worry about not making any big additions yet. It will come at the deadline, and they will coast into the playoffs. This is one of the best run organizations in all of sports. Stop Panicking. Winner – Cleveland Indians

AL West

This is another easy pick, and I think everyone will agree with me. The Seatt…. Haha yea right. The defending World Series champs did nothing in the offseason to think they won’t win this division. They actually got a lot better with the addition of Gerritt Cole. The Houston Astros will probably finish with the best record in baseball. It is just a question as if someone can beat them in a series. It’s baseball anything can happen right? Winner – Houston Astros

NL East

Let’s be clear here. There is absolutely no chance the Marlins or Braves have a shot. That means it is between the Nationals and Mets. With the history of the Mets the past few years I just don’t see them overcoming the Nationals. Especially with this being Bryce Harper’s last year in our nation’s capital before he heads over to Wrigley Field. They will do whatever it takes at the deadline to make a legitimate run. There are also a plethora of Scott Boras free agents out there that can still help. The only thing I can’t get out of my head is the magic of Mickey

Callaway and what he accomplished with the Indians pitching staff. These Mets pitchers are
great when healthy and he could be the guy to get the most out of them. I would definitely
keep an eye on this division race. Winner – Washington Nationals, but closer than people think.

NL Central

Thinking about the race that is going to happen in this division gets me all hot and heavy. The Cubs have been great the past few years and just keep getting better. They have enough young talent to turn this run into a dynasty. The Cardinals are in it year in and year out. With some nice additions they will be competing well into September. But, last year’s feel good surprise will take the next step and make a big run. Yes, The Milwaukee Brewers will be the team to win this division. They have arguably the best outfield in the majors and have the pieces to make a trade for a pitcher. They are a young team and will be a heck of a lot of fun to watch. It will also be interesting to see what they do in the trade market. A Domingo Santana – Danny Salazar trade seems inevitable, but we will see. Winner – Milwaukee Brewers.

NL West

Thinking about this division, and I might as well mark it down that I won’t sleep at all this
summer. The Dodgers, Giants, and Rockies will have some epic games down the stretch keeping every baseball fan on the east coast up into the wee hours of the morning. They all have great lineups and formidable pitching staffs. The Rockies may have the best bullpen out of the three of them, and they need it playing in the launch pad that is Coors Field. The Giants retooled by grabbing two downtrodden franchises iconic players, and the Dodgers keep spilling out rookie of the year candidates and will probably add another this year. (Alex Verdugo) It’s a shame that these guys are going to beat the hell out of each other, and none of them will be able to grab home field. Winner – San Francisco Giants

AL Wild Cards

I absolutely the love the addition of the second wild card team and the one playoff game. It
keeps everyone on the edges of their seats the entire game, and it has delivered some very memorable moments. In the AL I have a rematch of last year with the Twins and Yankees battling it out. I just can’t see the Twins being able to out-slug the Yankees in a one game playoff. If they make a big trade for a legitimate ace they could win this game. Not with this roster though. They will make it because the AL Central is so bad they will win a ton of games. Winner – New York Yankees

NL Wild Cards

This is hard to determine. There are going to be some really close division races down the
stretch and I think ultimately the success of these teams comes down to health and depth. The Dodgers will take one spot and as much as I want me Rockies in here I think The Cubs will take the other. This one game playoff rematch of the 2017 NLCS will be epic. Clayton Kershaw vs Jon Lester. Goosebumps just thinking about it. Winner – Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Division Series

Astros vs Yankees – Astros win this. Yankees can’t beat them in a series until they improve their starting rotation. They get some better starters and it could change things. The Astros are just too much of a complete team to lose to the Yankees right now.

Indians vs Red Sox – This has the makings of a great series. Two of the best rotations in the American League squaring off. It all comes down to which lineup is healthy, and who can take advantage of any mistakes. I think the Indians will end up winning in five games. I just can’t picture Corey Kluber having two games like he did a year ago. He will be back to his 2016 postseason form and this time around will have a healthy Carrasco and a Trevor Bauer minus drone injury. Winner – Cleveland Indians

NL Division Series

Nationals vs Dodgers. This will be a hell of a series. The Dodgers are just too good for the
Nationals though. The health of Strasburg always seems to be a question mark, and they can’t find a manager that can win them a playoff series. Winner – Los Angeles Dodgers

Giants vs Brewers. This will be a great series, but it will ultimately come down to experience. The Giants have a few players that have won a couple World Series Titles already. The Brewers will put up a fight, but their inexperience in big games will cost them this year. Winner – San Francisco Giants.

AL Championship Series

Indians vs Astros. This could go either way in my opinion, but after losing in game seven two years ago and an early exit last year the Indians won’t let a third year slip away. This will probably go to seven games, but as long as the pitching staff is healthy I can’t see Andrew Miller or Cody Allen giving up a lead after the 6th inning. Winner – Cleveland Indians.

NL Championship Series

Giants vs Dodgers. This series will be a bloodbath. It could one of the greatest NLCS series we have seen in our lifetime. I honestly don’t know who will come out on top, but I have to pick one. My guess – San Francisco Giants.

World Series

The Giants have been there before. The Indians lost two years ago in game 7. Both teams have experience and will be coming off emotional championship series. I think the depth of the Indians rotation will take them over the top in this one. They also have a better front end rotation with power bats that will play better. Kluber is better than Mad Bum and Carrasco is better than Cueto. Indians have two of the best relievers in the game as well. Tito vs Bochy will be an incredible chess match. Could be the two best managers in the game. (Joe Maddon is overrated). Cleveland hasn’t seen a World Series Title since 1948 and this team saw what happened to city when the Cavs won. They want a piece of that and will take it for the city.

World Series Champions – Cleveland Indians.

P.S. I know I may be a little biased, but this isn’t crazy right?