MLB All Star Game Voting Update #1

2016 MLB All Star Events

MLB All Star Game voting is underway, and we’ve received the first updates of the current status of AL & NL votes.

Once again, we’ve got the Kansas City Royals fans trying their best to ruin the fun of All Star fan voting. They’ll brag about the loyalty of their fan base, and pretend like 29 other teams’ fans aren’t as loyal, when in reality we all know that fans of the other 29 teams understand the point of All Star Voting. Last season, Omar Infante was the worst hitter in all of baseball for the month of June, yet found himself at the top of the voting. How embarrassing. I really see no point in voting in the AL anymore. Thanks guys.

The National League is mostly dominated by Chicago Cubs, but rightfully so. The Cubs are off to one of the best starts in franchise history, and show no signs of slowing down. Maybe a little excessive on the Cubs players’ dominance on the list, but nothing near the absurdity of Royals on the AL list.