Miguel Cabrera’s baby momma is trying to ruin another season

Miguel Cabrera

What happened to Miguel Cabrera last season is nothing short of a tragedy. We were robbed of the pleasure of watching Miggy at the plate for an entire season because of baby momma drama.

If you missed it, we’re blaming Miguel Cabrera’s shitty 2017 season on the fact that his wife filed for divorce right before the start of the season. I see no other valid explanation for his .249 / .329 / .399 performance.

Well it turns out his wife dropped the divorce. Great news, right? Yes! But now baby momma side chick is back alleging Miggy cut her off from her $20,000 a month allowance for her mortgage and their two kids. Baby momma alleges Cabrera’s wife is behind the recent change in financial plans. He even changed his phone number. As expected, Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, the mother of two of Miggy’s kids, is coming back for her money. And she’s not coming back for $20,000 a month.

He’ll make over $30 million per year through the year 2023 with the Tigers, but I’m sure it’s the headaches he’s worried about more than the money. Hopefully this doesn’t affect his season like it seemed to last year. Watching Miguel Cabrera is a treat we all deserve.