Justin Verlander Rips MLB’s Drug Test Appeal Policy


Just hours after the announcement that Dee Gordon will serve an 80 game suspension for testing positive for banned substances, Justin Verlander took to twitter in the wee hours of the morning to rip the MLB drug test appeal policy.

Dee Gordon and Chris Colabello didn’t fail these tests recently, especially Dee Gordon. He was permitted to continue playing because players have the right to appeal the judgments after failing a test. The problem with this appeals process is, the burden of proof is on the players to prove their innocence. How does one prove he DIDN’T take something? Just about impossible, and Dee Gordon and his camp realized that when some new evidence came out.

News of the suspension dropped on Thursday because that is when Gordon dropped his appeal. Here’s what Justin Verlander had to say about the appeal process.

Seed Sack

He’s got a point, but there are two valid sides to this coin. Players should be able to play while they try to prove their innocence, because what if they end up successful in the appeal? But you can see Verlander’s point here, in letting a player who’s juiced up on banned substances continue to play and affect the results of games.

Dee Gordon has struggled a bit this year. He’s hitting a measly .266 on the year, but during the Marlins current 5 game win streak, he’s racked up 6 hits and 5 runs scored.