Jeff Ferrell takes 103mph line drive to head, leaves game.

Jeff Ferrell Ryon Healy

I can’t stand seeing these videos, but it’s like a car crash, you just can’t look away. For some reason it seems like this has happened more this year than any in recent memory. It makes me think that these stupid pitcher helmets are coming sooner than later. Anything in the name of player safety I guess?

Tonight Jeff Ferrell took an absolute laser to the head off the bat of Oakland’s Ryon Healy. The line drive was measured at 102.6 mph off the bat, and got Ferrell right in the back of the head. Pretty lucky he was able to get turned around I’d say. Ferrell headed for the dugout immediately after being hit (under his own power). He was a late season call up for the Tigers, hopefully this doesn’t derail him too bad.

It’s hard to put a ball at that velocity in perspective. Check out how far the ball traveled after it struck the back of his head. Yikes.