Gary Sanchez Launched Longest HR ever in Comerica Park

Gary Sanchez 493

Gary Sanchez is having quite the year at the plate. If he can keep his shit together behind the plate, he’ll be quite a piece for the Yankees.

Tonight in Detroit El Gary dropped the longest homer ever hit at Comerica Park, and the second longest HR measured by Statcast this season, ironically only second to his teammate Aaron Judge.

493 feet is quite the poke. Just two feet shy of the monster Aaron Judge’s longest ball of the year. Sanchez may have been overshadowed by Judge’s greatness (and fall) this season, but if you look closely, you could say with quite confidence that Gary Sanchez has been a superior hitter to Aaron Judge. This piece by my friend Ryan Spaeder sums it up pretty well actually. Both should be pretty fun to watch in the future.