David Ortiz to Retire After 2016 Season

Actually how good was he?

David Ortiz

Fox Sports announced today that Red Sox legend and future hall of famer David Ortiz will retire following the 2016 season. It’s become the cool thing to do to announce your retirement the season prior to hook yourself up with a nice farewell tour. But some players deserve it, and Big Papi is one of them, for many reasons.

The 9 time All Star and 6 time Silver Slugger award winner has been a staple to not just the Red Sox, but all of Boston sports since 2003. He seems to be one of those guys that everyone can appreciate, even Yankee fans. He’s one of the last guys in the game that nobody complains about when he pimps a big fly. He’s one of those guys with that old school respect, but forever a young energetic feel and way about the game. Fans fell in love with the man for moments like this.

Just how good was David Ortiz? Let’s look.

If you concluded his career stats today, you’d find a slash line of .284/.378/.547. You’d see 503 dingers, 1641 RBIs, a career .390 wOBA, and a WAR of 46.1 over his 20 season career. Arguably his most impressive career highlights are associated with his breaking the curse of the Bambino winning Boston’s first World Series in 672 years. His playoff numbers are even more impressive. I typically don’t believe in there being such thing as a “clutch player”. But his playoff numbers would make it hard to argue that if there were such a thing, David Ortiz would be it. Check out the playoff numbers. In 82 games, his slash line: .295/.409/.553 with a .409 wOBA. 17 homers, 51 RBI. An impressive statistical career for Big Papi, but once again, bigger than his stat line is his impact on the city of Boston. Let’s not forget the most memorable moment of his career…