Chicago Cubs – Back In the Thick Of Things

How Cubs are slowly making it back to October


The Cubs are doing it. They’ve pushed up their timeline considerably and all of a sudden, the Cubs are right on the heels of the Pirates for the first NL wildcard spot and on the verge of pushing themselves into October.

“But they haven’t made the playoffs since ’08 and a pennant since 1945.” Yes, I know. Cubs nation knows. Baseballdom knows that the Cubs have sucked a considerable amount of ass for a little over a century now. But, this time it’s completely different.

For the first time in a long time the Cubs are actually fun to watch. I can sit back with a beer and enjoy a Cubs game because they are winning and winning at a considerable rate. They are 70-51 and just ended their longest winning streak since 2008. Every Cubs fan I talk to says the same thing; they are entertaining to watch. And it’s strictly because they are a young ball club that is bolstered by some much needed veteran aid.

I have waited 21 long, heartbreaking years to watch a team like this. Theo Epstein has dealt his cards very well and has come up big with all of his trades. Jake Arrieta is 15-6 with a 2.30 ERA, and Jon Lester is only 8-9 but the tandem is giving teams fits when they throw back to back games.


Not only have Epstein’s trades been ridiculous, but his draftees are swinging monster bats. Kyle Schwarber, the human meat grinder himself, is hitting .294 with 10 taters and 31 RBI. He’s only had 120 at-bats. The kid is stupid good. But right behind him is Kris Bryant – the most anticipated Cubs prospect since Hee-Seop Choi – who is right in the middle of the NL Rookie of the Year race. Then you still have Addison Russel who is just a stud. He took Starlin Castro’s spot and recently went yak against the Braves because he’s that good.

The ball club growing quickly, and so is the stadium. It’s a beautiful sight to walk in to. I recently sat in the Club Seats along the third baseline. It was my first game this season and I was amazed. The park looked gorgeous, the jumbotron was a fantastic addition, and even more, they got rid of most of the troughs in the men’s bathrooms. The stadium is slowly building itself up to become a great stadium once again. They could lower food prices so I’m not paying $5.00 for a hotdog and $8.50 for a watered-down beer, but I digress.

The players, the stadium, and the fans are infusing an atmosphere of fun baseball back in the friendly confines. They’re winning, the crowd is back into the games, and the ticket prices are back to being $50 for a bleacher ticket. With all of this in mind, the Cubs, the Lovable Losers, are back in the thick of it. They are wrestling with Pittsburgh for the first Wildcard spot and recently swept the Giants to overtake the second Wildcard spot.

As a Cubs fan since birth, I can finally say with much confidence that the Cubs are going places. I will always bleed Cubbie Blue and, personally, I look forward to seeing them in the World Series sometime in the very near future. We are good.



  1. i LOVE this. As a cubs fan, it is finally to the point where i can watch the cubs play and NOT FEEL PHYSICAL PAIN. Love the young talent and looking forward to October for years to come! As long as guys keep hitting “taters” (new favorite dinger synonym), the Cubbies can go a long way. #WeAreGood