Anthony Rizzo Hits Indside-the-Park Home Run off Billy Hamilton’s Face

Anthony Rizzo Billy Hamilton

You’re probably doing a double take at the title up there, and rightfully so. Anthony Rizzo got an assist from Billy Hamilton’s face on this inside-the-park home run today in the Reds Cubs game in Cincinnati.

With two runners on, Cubs Anthony Rizzo hit a fly ball into the left-centerfield gap. Duvall (LF) and Hamilton (CF) both converged in the gap to the ball, but neither were able to make the catch. Duval crossed in front of Hamilton, likely causing Hamilton to lose sight of the ball. He eventually slid on his knees, and the ball hit him in the cheek, rolling all the way into left field. With nobody left out there in left field, the ball rolled far enough for both runners to score, as well as Anthony Rizzo. The official scorer marked it as an inside-the-park home run.

The scoring on the play is probably fair, because you’d hate to give an error to a guy who just took a Rizzo fly ball off the face, right? Although if you had to place an error on the play, it could certainly go to Duvall. After all, Billy Hamilton was removed from the game, and we hope he’s alright.