Zack Greinke Turns Down $71 Million, Becomes Free Agent


It was announced today that Zack Greinke opted out of his contract with the Dodgers and will officially become a free agent. There’s your answer to why Greinke wasn’t on the list published by MLBPA of the 139 eligible free agents. He was set to make $71 million over the next 3 years of his contract with the Dodgers. Who the heck turns down over $20 million a year?

The (arguably) best pitcher in baseball does. And it’s a good move.

Dodgers fans are you worried about losing Zack Greinke?

I’m not here to speculate where Zack Greinke will end up next season, but chill out Dodgers fans. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be leaving Los Angeles. It means he’s worth way more than what he’s due, and has the right with his contract to opt out of his current deal and negotiate a new one, as he definitely should.


Clayton Kershaw earned $30 million this year. Guys like Verlander, Cliff Lee, and Felix Hernandez are also earning above the Greinke contract right now. Pitchers are weird, and pitching is even weirder. After a season like Greinke just had, he’d be stupid to not negotiate another long term deal for more money. Or even the same money yearly over a longer span. Even the most consistent pitcher in all of baseball doesn’t know where he’ll be physically in 3 years. Now’s the best time ever to be negotiating a new contract. We’re seeing an era of baseball where ANYONE can make a run on any given year, and teams are spending appropriately to do it because they enter the season more optimistic.

I’d expect Greinke to sign something in the 7+ year $200 million+ range, being the precedent set by Scherzer last offseason. Doesn’t get much better than Greinke so I don’t see why he doesn’t become the highest paid pitcher in the bigs.