Youth Catcher Destroys Runner Trying to Score


This isn’t what we had in mind with the whole “make baseball fun again” campaign, but it sure is fun to watch.

In this youth legion game (ages 8-10) in Alma, Kansas between Alma & Silver Lake, a Silver Lake runner was trying to score from third. Little did he know he had a brick wall waiting to meet him at the plate. This Alma catcher came in strong and laid the hammer down with this tag.

This video is from the runner’s mom on Facebook. Some entertaining commentary in the video as well. If you’re really bored take a look at the comments thread on her Facebook page it’s pretty entertaining.

We can joke about it now because the kid was fine, just a bit sore. It looks really bad at first sight but if you watch the video again, it’s not like the catcher came in shoulder down. You’ve got to take into account that the runner is at full speed, and the catcher doesn’t have much of a running start. You’d expect this collision to turn out the opposite, honestly.

PS. teach your kid if he’s gonna steal home, he might want to choose a different approach.