Yasiel Puig Superstition to End Slump


Baseball players are known as the most superstitious of the athletes, by far. Many things that happen throughout a game and a season are unexplainable, so sometimes the solutions to the unexplainable problems also fall under unexplainable.

You don’t need to tell Dodgers fans that Yasiel Puig has been going through a vicious slump lately. He went through a 12 for 78¬†stretch from¬†April 20th to May 12th. I’m sure he’s been through the ringer when it comes to adjustments to his swing to end the slump streak. But at some point you have to stop looking at what you’re doing, and blame it on your equipment.

On May 13th, before the game, Puig tried something a little different to get his bats going thanks to a suggestion from Kike Hernandez.

Why didn’t anyone else thing of this sooner? Yasiel Puig hooked his bats up to the stim machine to wake them up and get them going before the game. Did it work?

Well, you be the judge. Puig went 3-5 with a HR, 2R, and 2RBI in the game. So next time you’re in a 3 week long slump, just remember, it’s probably not your fault. Look to jumpstart your equipment in other ways.