Did the Yankees Seriously Say No to This Trade?

The Yankees don't want to trade Andrew Miller for Lucas Giolito, a top prospect.


I woke up to the news that the Nationals offered Lucas Giolito for the Yankees Andrew Miller, straight up. The Yankees don’t want this trade. Why?

The Yankees are 7-3 in their last 10, but they’ve already given signs of rebuilding. They traded Aroldis Chapman for a top prospect in Gleyber Torres, ranked 26th on MLB.com, a major league reliever with an ERA of 5.75, and two minor leaguers. Unless Adam Warren, the major leaguer, turns it around, it doesn’t look like that great of a deal. Torres is projected to play in 2018, so it really looks like a rebuilding deal.

So if the Yankees traded one of the better relievers in the game for the 26th prospect, there was no reason not to trade Miller for the 4th best prospect. Although Miller has a better contract for the Yankees, and Chapman’s contract is done after the year, not accepting the trade was a terrible move. Yes, Miller is a guy you want to build around, but they’re getting a top prospect, and they can build around him. They also still have Dellin Betances, who also has a good contract. If they were going to break up the three-headed monster by taking away the best player, there’s no reason to keep Miller. They should go all in. If they think they’re contenders, there was no reason to trade Chapman for players who won’t have an impact this year. If they think they are not contenders, keeping Miller is strange.

The Yankees want to get younger, and they really need to if they want to be contenders in the near future. Although Miller is young compared to the rest of the team, Giolito is 9 years younger. The clear and reasonable answer was yes, but who knows what’s going on with the Yankees.