Yadier Molina Hit & Run – Good Play or Busch League?


Over the last couple months, this video is still one of our most discussed and debated tweets on @ShtBallPlayrsDo. Yadier Molina is one of the greatest catchers of our time without a doubt. But this play drew some conversation. It’s an obvious hit and run situation and he sees a pitch-out. You’ve all heard the threats from your coach on what will happen to you if you don’t put bat on a baseball with the hit & run sign on. They might have sounded something like the following:

“If you miss a hit & run….”

  • you will run ’til your intestines are laying on the foul line
  • you will run til your d*ck falls off
  • you’ll need a surgeon to remove all the splinters out your ass
  • I will light you on fire

…or something like that

With that being said, you can all understand the effort put into putting bat on this ball, right? I think it’s just a good baseball play. Peña wasn’t hit by the bat, he was hit by a foul ball. Just like the 12 other times a game a catcher wears a foul tip. Unfortunate he got hit, but I can’t blame Molina.

Obviously hundreds of you disagree with me (which means you’re wrong) but what do you all think? Good baseball play or busch league?