Wylie High School Softball Costly Premature Celebration


This might be the biggest f*** up in a softball game of all time. Wylie High School softball team in Texas was playing in the district championship game vs McKinley North when they thought they had the game one.

The presumed final out of the game came with two runners on, a ground ball to short, and a flip for the force out at second. But if you watch the video, the umpire on the bases never calls the runner out. It’s tough to see whether the runner should have been out or not, but you’d think someone might notice the umpire’s call at second before the team went into full out celebration. Nope.

Wylie softball team went nuts celebrating what they thought was their district championship title, but McKinley North had other plans. All three runners went to circle the bases and score, and that’s a district title for McKinley with the 7-6 walk off winner.

Seed Sack

I really can’t think of a worse way to win the game. I wish we got more video of the teams’ and coaches’ reaction prior to this unreal finish. I also need a better video of this play to determine if the runner was out or safe. She had to have missed the bag or something? There’s no way the team would burst into instant title celebration had it been a close play. You definitely don’t see the umpire call the runner out. I guess this is what makes baseball / softball the greatest sports on the planet, because there is no clock. Play until the last out is made, and the last out isn’t made until the men in blue say the last out is made. It just cost Wylie High School a softball district title. Bet they won’t do this again.