Wright State Baseball Jesse Scholtens Perfect Game

    Wright State Baseball Jesse Scholtens
    Wright State pitcher Jesse Scholtens (39) throws against Ohio during the third inning of an NCAA college baseball tournament regional game, Sunday, May 31, 2015, in Champaign, Ill. (AP Photo/Bradley Leeb)

    The second perfect game of the college season (that I’m aware of) belongs to Jesse Scholtens of Wright State Baseball.

    Best part about this one, it came in a 1-0 win over University of Dayton. Perfect games are tough, obviously, but in a 1-0 game they might just be that much tougher. As if there’s not enough pressure on you to keep up the perfect streak, you’re still pitching to keep your team in the game. Not only are you thinking about losing the PG, but if you do, there’s a decent chance you lose the game as well. Talk about blue balls on the mound, he’s in a position to go from an incredible day to the worst day. But he held on.

    12 K’s in 9 innings of perfect baseball is impressive. With that many strike outs, you know the pitch count was up over the 100 mark. Although, when you’ve got a CG going let alone a perfect game, any pitcher will tell you that the adrenaline running through your veins doesn’t let you feel any fatigue. This happened to be the first perfect game thrown in Wright State Baseball history. That’s big. Congrats Jesse.