Woman Hit By Foul Ball in 2015 is Suing Pirates


WPXI – Pirates fan Wendy Camlin is suing the Pittsburgh Pirates over an incident last season when she was hit by a foul ball through the protective netting behind home plate.

She was walking back to her seat during the game when a foul ball came straight back and pushed the net back just enough to hit her in the head.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, claims Wendy Camlin suffered a concussion, traumatic brain injury, migraines, neck pain, tinnitus, anxiety and other symptoms..

The Pirates released this statement following the incident in 2015

“The female fan who was struck by a foul ball during last night’s game was sent via ambulance to the hospital for the appropriate examinations.  Thankfully, the fan was released from the hospital following those examinations.

We are extremely grateful for this positive outcome.  The organization is in the process of reaching out to her to show our support.  Due to privacy laws, we will not reveal the name of the fan, nor additional details at this time.

We wish to thank the PNC Park personnel and fellow fans who were on the scene at the time, as well as the Pittsburgh EMS for their quick response.”

According to TribLIVE, Wendy Camlin is only seeking about $35,000 from the Pirates and Major League Baseball. I’m a bit shocked at the size of the amount, seems like people in these circumstances usually go for a bit more from these huge organizations. However, maybe this means that she really has suffered the damages, and is really looking for the coverage of medical expenses and recovery. I usually hate people in this situation, but she was standing behind the net. Who knew you weren’t safe behind the net? I thought those nets were a bit tighter than that.