The First Place Windians?

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis Francisco Lindor

Who are the Windians? For those who do not know, they are the underdogs of the American League Central who now have soul possession of first place with a record of 26 wins and 21 losses. It may be the beginning of the season but the Tribe who hail from Cleveland appear to be no joke.

A major key to their success has to be the stellar starting rotation. With pitchers including Kluber, Salazar, Bauer and surprise Tomlin, opposing hitters have a tough time facing any of these hurlers. Everyone knows that Kluber can be lights out, but did anyone expect Josh Tomlin to start the season 7-0? Where is the media for the tribe? Sale may have opened the season with a  10-0 record, but the winning decision to end the streak went to Tomlin. Cleveland has one of the most underrated rotations in the Majors. By not obtaining a high salary cap, the Indians have had to build their rotation and lineup from nothing.

Not only is the pitching a prime aspect of what drives this team, but the power house of a batting order as well. Typically the Indians hitters are led by Michael Brantley, but due to his setback from shoulder surgery, others have had to step up their game. Kipnis, veteran second baseman, currently holds a .277 average and is helping manager Terry Francona mold and shape the young talent. Francona’s presence in the clubhouse has been very impactful. Since signing in 2013, Terry has led the Indians to 3 winning record seasons. Players feel free to express themselves around the skipper.

Now on to the young phenom Fransisco Lindor. The 22 year old shortstop from Puerto Rico leads the team in average, hits and on base percentage. Although his batting has gained more ability through experience, Lindor’s defense is one of the features of which advanced him to the majors so quickly. From routine plays at short to diving stops in the hole, Fransisco makes it look as smooth as butter.

The Cleveland Indians added a few more veterans to the lineup in the 2015 offseason. Mike Napoli and Juan Uribe have been helping the tribe produce as major prospects work their way through the minors. Bradley Zimmer, Clint Frazier, and Bobby Bradley are just a few minor leaguers who have shown signs in Akron and Lynchburg that they have the will to win for the Indians.

The Tribe has had three winning seasons in a row. If everyone on the team contributes to a higher degree, the world may see the Cleveland Indians back in the playoffs for the first time since 2013.