Why Your Kids Should Play Youth Baseball

Youth Baseball

Whether just driving by the ball fields or walking to another game, we’ve all seen this type of game. You know the type I’m talking about, the four foot tall kids with helmets making them look like bobble-heads, hitting a ball off of a tee or out of their coach’s hand, the crowd of parents screaming and the kids running the bases so frantically. To me, youth baseball is the most crucial game being played in the baseball world.

tee ballIn today’s world, getting kids out and playing ball at a young age could be the key factor in whether they live a life loving the game we all love, or never getting to experience the thrill of it for themselves. With all the technology and other sports today, rarely do you see someone playing ball as a teenager who didn’t play youth baseball. Kids would now rather watch a game on ESPN or simply play the latest version of The Show on their PlayStation. This is not the children’s fault, but is simply what our society finds acceptable today.

That simple fact is why I am making this plea to all of you. When you have your own little bobble-heads, get them out on the field. Sign them up for tee ball, coach’s pitch, an educational league, or whatever type of arrangement your town has. Some of my best baseball memories come from those Little League and Pony League games and championship runs, which I never could have experienced without being pushed to give the sport a try at four or five years old. Even if your kids don’t end up developing the love for the game we all share, you’re at least giving them a chance to see the love and passion this game can bring.

So, whether your child loves the game and plays on throughout high school or ends up being an academic all star, a politician, or even a four star football recruit, at least you can live your life knowing you attempted to share the game you love with those you can impact the most.