Why You Need to Meet More People Online

Why You Need to Meet More People Online
This picture is from an online mastermind group I'm apart of.

Why you need to meet more people online…A lot of people may have cringed at the title of this blog. Good. Controversial topics provoke thought.

Emotion is key, so feel free to get hyped or mad at anything I write on here…now back to the actual topic? Yes please.

Myspace and Facebook came out when, like 2003? We’re about 15 solid years into social networking online, but for some reason meeting people online still carries the stigma of “you’re a weirdo, who does that?”


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, CyberDust, EntrePro, LinkedIn, Vine, Periscope, Meerkat, etc.

All of these million and billion dollar platforms exist today to make it super easy and convenient to meet people and connect with people you know AND DON’T KNOW. There are 300 people you know on twitter, and a couple hundred million that you don’t.

Online Dating

Ever dated someone you met on the internet? You probably cringed at that question too, didn’t you? If you haven’t, I can almost guarantee you know someone that has. Isn’t that weird? Let me ask you this. Why do we shop online for most things? Yes, because you can do it in your underwear, but also because you have a better chance of finding that perfect pair of shoes you picture in your head. You can look at 50 pairs of shoes at the store, and 50 million online. Much better chance of finding the one that fits your qualifications. Yes, these shoes are a metaphor for a significant other. You can literally query data collected by Facebook to find people that interests similar to yours. In English, you can easily find the people you’re looking for online.

Valuable Connections

If you’re looking to achieve anything of significance in your life, it would be wise to take some time each day learning from those who’ve already done what you’re trying to do. If you want to be the best underwater basket weaver in the world, I’m sure that’s gonna be hard to find at your local networking event. But I bet the current world record holder is on Twitter or Facebook somewhere. Turn your Twitter feed into daily information, inspiration, and motivation. Trust me it’s a lot better than a timeline full of women giving guys dating tips. Some of the most influential people in my life are people I met online first.

I met someone online that introduced me to a group of guys 4 years ago. Over 4 years we built a business of over $2 million a year in sales. If I didn’t keep my eyes open and connect with the right people online, none of that would’ve happened.

Face to face interaction will never be fully replaced by networking online. However you have to weigh the value with the inefficiency.

Still think meeting people online is weird? Maybe it is, but so is selling millions of dollars with a new group of friends, becoming the best underwater basket weaver, and finding the other half of your power couple. Most people won’t achieve any of those, and will completely miss the boat with resistance to connecting with people online. Keep your eyes open and start meeting more people online.

Let’s meet!

Shane Sullivan, founder baseballfam.com