Why Was He Crowned “King Felix?”

King Felix Hernandez

When baseball fans talk about kings, the first thing that comes to their mind is Felix Abraham Hernandez. If you’re wondering why, it’s because a local Mariners blog gave him the nickname of “King Felix” during his minor league years.

King Felix has been playing baseball since he was just a child. When he was 14, he could already throw 90 mph and guess who signed him the day he turned 16? The Seattle Mariners. Felix is an upright kind of guy. He signed his contract with the Mariners at only $710,000 even though the Yankees, Astros, and Braves (reporting to have bid the highest) wanted him and would have paid cold, hard cash.

At 18, Felix was pitching in his mid-nineties. Touching 97-98 regularly. He was named #1 in pitching prospect in minor league ball. He’s the first player in 21 years to throw more than 2000 innings before turning 29. This year will be Felix’s 11th year with the Mariners which is downright crazy.

What’s even better is that Felix has never suffered any serious injuries, and hopefully never has to suffer any in the future. Even though sports science has improved and advanced incredibly over the past decade, not every trainer or doctor knows how to prevent injuries 100%. The treatments and techniques that are available today are dramatically better than what Dwight Gooden or Fernando Valenzuela had. These might give Felix a chance to overcome any minor setbacks that could happen.

Reminder: Appreciate the King. Though he has avoided injuries in the past, this could be the year the King’s reign comes to an end.

King Felix, not showered with a gold crown, but with a golden arm that has been pitching like Midas since he was only fourteen.