Why Little League Makes Kids Soft

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The Pussification of America

So¬†I saw this glorious post from James Harrison of the Steelers the other day…

I’m so glad someone with an influential voice said it. Today’s youth sports are full of participation trophies, over-the-top sportsmanship, pats on the back for a good effort, and other extras to add to their “pussification.” You want to see some serious pussification? Turn on the Little League World Series. Your pitcher throws a dick-shot down the middle, and the hitter goes dinger over the CF wall? Shake his hand when he rounds the bases. The hitter has his dick hanging over the plate so the pitcher buzzes him inside and plunks him between the numbers? Go pat him on the back and see if he’s okay. Don’t forget to make sure everyone plays an inning because the kid on the end of the bench that sucks because he doesn’t put the work in deserves a shot to play anyway! Unreal! This is not how the real world works. Kids are conditioned to expect hand outs for participating and giving it their best shot. Coming from someone that has busted his ass and still failed more businesses than most can ever imagine, you don’t get a reward for trying. You know who deserves an award for trying? Someone who completes Navy Seal training. And let’s not reward the studs who put in work and succeed, because we don’t want little Johnny at the end of the bench to feel bad. Bull! Positive reinforcement. You know what feels good? Having your college paid for because you were taught to put in the work and learned that you need to work for what you want. You know how you get there? By first realizing that nothing in life is handed out and you get what you earn. I think this is a value that needs instilled early. #HarrisonFamilyValues


For everyone that disagrees: listen, I understand we need to make youth baseball fun so that kids want to play, I get it. Take them for ice cream after the game, show them good sportsmanship, and encourage them until you’re blue in the face. But do you really think this participation¬†award culture we live in is really preparing kids for the real world and setting them up for success? Doubt it.

The culture of participation trophies and rules in Little League is not preparing kids for success in the real world, especially athletics.

Don’t be pussified

Leave a comment below let me know what you think, and share this post maybe we can do our part to un-pussify a few.


  1. What cracks me up is that the helicopter parents who argue for participation trophies don’t realize that their kids are totally aware of things like league standings, and the relative strength of their team vs. opponents, and which kids are destined to develop bench calluses until they quit playing. These parents don’t actually give a crap about their kid’s self-esteem. It’s their own ego stroke that they’re looking out for.

    Different, but related: My biggest gripe about Little League is that they pussify 12-year-old players by making them hold the bag until the pitch crosses the plate. Good gawdamighty. They are also playing on a 46/60 diamond, instead of the 50/70 that most other 12-year-olds are playing on.

    Different and unrelated: Why no response to my request for writer’s guidelines? I like the site…Hope I can help out with some content!

  2. Thats cool and all but I stopped reading at “finally someone with an influential voice said it”

    ‘cuz the NY Times is far more influential than some NFL player and they articulated this years two years ago.

    Sucks that LLWS embraces this “good job even though you sucked” mentality, but this is not a new story and it’s not news and it’s not even an original opinion to put in an opinion column…. so thanks for wasting everyone’s time

    • Damn man I didn’t realize I started a news site here. I thought it was a site I could talk baseball with everyone. Can you do me a favor and forward me the email with the rules of how to run my site? Appreciate it!

  3. Absolutely love it. Greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Everybody hates the mom who says good try after her son strikes out swinging at 3 pitches that were over their head, it wasn’t a good try, you suck.