Who is Steven Wright?

Knuckle-baller strikes again

Steven Wright

We all know this by now, but he one thing the Boston Red Sox lack is starting pitching. David Price was supposed to be the guy in the rotation who provided wins and wins only. So far, Price is 4-1 in seven starts with a 6.75 ERA. His ERA is easily one of the worst in the MLB this season. Thanks to Boston’s tremendous offense, Price is able to get wins despite the trouble he is having thus far. One of the most unknown pitchers in the league, and easily the best pitcher on the Red Sox this season, is 31 year-old knuckle-baller Steven Wright.

Wright has been pitching in the bigs for 4 seasons now, all with Boston. Although, he was never permanently in the rotation. In 2013, Wright pitched in 4 games, going 2-0 with a 5.40 ERA. In 2014, Wright pitched in just 6 games, going 0-1 with a 2.57 ERA. Last season is the season we became very familiar with Wright, as he pitched in 16 games. He went 5-4 with a 4.09 ERA. As you can see, his numbers weren’t too bad.

Seed SackThis season, Steven Wright was thrown in the rotation behind Rick Porcello as a #5 starter. Surprisingly, Wright was off to a great start. His first start was against the powerful Toronto Blue Jays, where he went on to pitch 6.2 innings, allowing 1 ER on 6 hits. Unfortunately, Wright was handed the loss due to little offensive production.

5 starts later, Wright entered the game against New York with a 1.67 ERA, one of the best ERA’s in baseball. The knuckle-baller soared through the Yankee lineup, pitching a complete game with only allowing 1 run, which came on a solo-homer by Gardner in the 9th. Wright only allowed 3 hits all game, and struck out 7. His ERA is now 1.52. Heard of him yet? This man has been absolutely unreal for Boston, and has just been so consistent. Who would’ve guessed that one month into the season, our #5 pitcher would be our best pitcher and one of the best pitchers in baseball? Don’t be surprised if you see Steven Wright pitching in the 2016 All-Star game.

Here’s a solid performance from Steven Wright against one of the best teams in baseball, the Chicago White Sox.

Also a quick little gif from the Red Sox Twitter account.

Now’s the time to get familiar with Steven Wright if you haven’t already. This man is on pace for an incredible season.