What To Expect From Josh Donaldson

josh donaldson

We’re all familiar with the 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson. Donaldson put up unbelievable numbers in the 2015 season, and helped carry Toronto to the ALDS, and eventually the ALCS. Unfortunately, The Jays fell short to Kansas City, who went on to win the 2015 World Series. As the 2016 season starts to unfold, what should we expect from Josh Donaldson as he enters his second season with the talented Toronto squad?

It is safe to say Donaldson will have a stellar 2016, and his stats from last season definitely back it up. Josh hit .297 with 123 RBI’s, 41 HR’s, 184 hits, and 122 runs scored.

Besides the regular season, Donaldson played very well in the postseason for the Jays. In the ALDS against Texas, Josh batted .222 with 4 hits, 4 RBI’s, 2 HR’s, and 5 runs scored. These numbers were enough to help Toronto cruise past Texas to win the ALDS. In the ALCS against Kansas City, Josh batted .261 with 6 hits, 4 RBI’s, 1 homer, and 4 runs scored. Unfortunately, the Jays could not find their way past KC, and lost the ALCS.

After taking a look at Donaldson’s stats, we can assume that he will produce greatly this 2016 season. Will Donaldson produce enough this year to help Toronto make a push for another playoff run? The way the Jay’s finished the 2015 season, you can say it will be likely for that to happen.

I expect to hear a lot about Josh Donaldson and the rest of the Toronto Blue Jays throughout the 2016 season.