What Should I Do With My Life?


I’m not really qualified to tell someone how to make a million dollars, how to build a multi million dollar company, throw 95mph, or bench press 500 pounds. Quite frankly there is a list 100 miles long of things I can’t tell someone how to do. But that applies to just about everyone. There is a lot I don’t know, but there are a few things I know really really well.

Someone recently asked me one of the biggest mysteries in most peoples lives: “What should I do?” The question was obviously pertaining to the career / lifestyle subject. I think I’ve consumed enough content from some pretty amazing people over the years to be able to answer this question with some confidence.

Nobody can give you the answer to what you should do. But there are some commonalities and themes shared by most of the people I follow and learn from. It might be a bit shocking, but they all admit to sucking at 99% of things. But they’ll also admit to being the BEST at the 1% of things they’re good at. That’s the 1% they focus on.

Bet on your strengths .. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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I simply told that person to find out what he’s good at, what he enjoys to do, and the the absolute BEST at it. People pay big for skills that they don’t have, and eventually you will to. When you get good enough at the 1%, bootstrap the other stuff until you can hire people to figure out the other 99%.

Super weird person to mention in this post, but 50 cent said “I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people that work for me did.” He focused on his 1%.

The Cleveland Browns new hire, Paul DePodesta, started his career out of Harvard with the Baltimore Ravens. He moved on to the Cleveland Indians, and famously to the Oakland A’s as one of the pioneers of “moneyball.” Many people also don’t know he’s consulted for professional sports teams in Europe, and Pharmaceutical companies in California. How? Why? How can he be a baseball guy, football guy, soccer guy, and pharmaceutical guy? Because he’s the big data king. He is the best of the best at his 1%, analyzing numbers and statistics.

Look around the internet, particularly Instagram, and you’ll see people making multiple six figures a year teaching people how to do very basic things, like setting up a WordPress site. There are people making 6 figures annually teaching people how to gain Instagram followers. To most people that may seem like a very simple and specific skill set. But people will pay for it, because these individuals have positioned themselves as the EXPERTS of that little task. They got so good at it, that they can collect $150 from enough people to make $100,000 a year teaching them those skills. Spend your life doing something you hate for set minimal pay, or get super good at something you love like Instagram, and learn how to make a killing with a 1 hour webinar per week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but you decide if it’s worth it.

I love baseball. I love watching baseball, talking baseball, being around baseball. Is it possible to the so good at other areas of baseball (not playing) that people will pay for it? It seems so. Look around baseballfam.com and @ShtBallPlayrsDo and the other stuff we’ve put together.

The possibilities are endless, but I think we’re on to something in this new age with focusing on the 1% of things you’re good at. Find out what you’re good at, what you enjoy to do, and what pays, you’re well on your way to answering “what should I do.”

Shane Sullivan
Founder – baseballfam.com