We’re Back for 2017


One hell of a Super Bowl we saw huh? Really one hell of a sports year as a whole. From the March Madness final, College World Series, NBA Championship, to a World Series Game 7. But 2017 is upon us, and after a brief hiatus, we’re back.

The site here needed some major work and has basically been down and out the last couple months. It’s looking like we’re back up and ready to go, minus some minor cosmetic changes still needed. The post-Super Bowl dead time gets me hyped for baseball season right around the corner. The time leading up to baseball season is like no other. I mean what other sport do we get excited about something like this?


It’s a beautiful thing. In just a week, the first groups of pitchers and catchers will report to Arizona and Florida, and we’ll be off and running. I’m not one to refresh my twitter feed in December for hot stove news, so I’m ready to see some MLB relevance.



…and I’m ready to make my yearly purchase of some fire Spring Training caps.

Back to the point…

Baseball Fam is back. With the site back up and running, the social networks poppin, the podcasts gearing up, we’re ready for another fun 2017. Up next, a little Spring ’17 playlist for your pleasure. Stay tuned.