Welcome Back David Wright

"Welcome back, cap." David Wright makes his return in style.


It’s a great time to be a New York Mets fan. Last week Cespedes hits 3 out in a game, and now the face of the franchise is back off the shelf. The excitement in the Big Apple has GOT to be unreal about now. In typical David Wright fashion, his first AB resulted in an upper deck shot to left.

Going big fly in your first AB is cool, but what’s cooler is the reaction in the dugout. All smiles and high fives.

The Mets seeing success is good for baseball. I’m in no way a Mets fan myself, but seeing the Mets put together a winning club makes me happy. Similar to watching the Blue Jays win. Just seems like one of those fan bases that deserves a winner ya know? But it’s pretty clear the fans aren’t the only ones that are feeling the love with David Wright back. You’ve gotta remember, the Mets are a young squad, especially the pitching staff. DW is the veteran guy these kids can look up to and learn from. If you need a better idea, peep this tweet from Mets’ Zack Wheeler


Welcome back, cap. Good to see you back on the baseball field. Let’s see what ya got Mets