WATCH: Vanderbilt Pulls off Triple Steal


Vanderbilt pulled off a successful triple steal vs Auburn at home on Thursday night.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. But leave it Vanderbilt to pull it off, withthat dirt bag style of play we all love. Takes more balls than you think to pull this off. Not only does it have a relatively low success rate, you’re taking the bat right out of your hitters hands. That can sometimes be seen as a bit insulting. But on top of all that, what kind of balls do you have to be the runner on third headed for home knowing 1) you’re about to meet a baseball going 90 mph at the plate that could potentially be coming for your head by the time you get there, and 2) you’re risking your batter having a brain fart and swinging a bat also coming for your head.

Seed Sack