WATCH: Max Scherzer Plays Catch with Young Mets Fan


During the Nationals series with the Mets, Max Scherzer made this MetsĀ fan’s day.

Baseball was is and always will be a kids game. Some are just fortunate enough to play the kids game through their adulthood. The connection kids have with their favorite big leaguers is special to watch. During the Mets Nationals series last week, one Mets fan got a special treat when he was able to play catch with Nationals ace Max Scherzer during BP. What a moment for the young fella.

Seed Sack

Fan interaction is always important, but it’s especially important when it happens with kids. It’s great to see the players and Major League Baseball as a whole with all the new programs they have creating these interactions. Obviously these kids are getting to meet and play with their role models, but aside from that, it’s good for the game in the long run. In order to increase the popularity of the game of baseball in America, we need to start with kids. Few baseball fans woke up one day in their 20s and decided they liked baseball. The love for the game is deeply rooted in your childhood. The reason you love baseball is because you recall the days in the backyard with your glove throwing a tennis ball up against a brick wall pretending you were Derek Jeter. This kid will be a lifetime baseball fan, and likely a Max Scherzer fan now as well. With a combination of fun young superstars, and MLB’s efforts to connect kids under 14 with the game of baseball, MLB is in good hands for the future.