Virginia Baseball Bus Driver Loses Consciousness Before Crashing Bus

Virginia Baseball Bus Crash

This just in from multiple sources on twitter that you’ll see below. University of Virginia baseball team was heading to play a weekend series at the University of Miami, when apparently their bus driver lost consciousness and crashed into a couple parked cars and a tree.

There you see a couple angles of photos of the bus after the crash. Thankfully players, coaches and staff are all okay. There’s no word yet on what caused the bus driver to lose consciousness and crash.

There are pretty defined laws on how long a bus driver is allowed to be on the road at one time, per day, per trip, etc. But if you’ve played college ball and had to travel on trips longer than 8 hours (I’m not sure what the regulations are) chances are you’ve caught your bus driver partaking in some minor swerving across the roads. And you’ve probably also wondered “how the hell does this guy drive this bus for 12 hours straight there and back?” Well…he’s not supposed to. I’m not claiming that’s what happened here, for the record. But I think I trusted the umpires I had in college more than I trusted our bus drivers.

UPDATE 11:00 pm: Here’s an anonymous message I received on twitter.

“Off the record: UVA flew from Charlottesville to Miami. Their bus driver—who has driven them on trips to Miami since Coach O’Connor took over—picked them up from the airport. People on the bus believe he had a massive heart attack. Coaches/trainers attempted CPR, but police reported that the driver had no pulse upon their arrival at the scene.”