Vin Scully Undergoes Surgery and Will Miss Playoffs

Vin Scully has medical surgery, and will miss postseason

News came out today that the Dodgers will have to head into this postseason run with out one of their superstars. Vin Scully underwent surgery Thursday morning and will miss the playoffs with the Dodgers.

Dodgers won’t release what the procedure was, but they did say he is resting comfortably. It’s said Vin Scully wanted to continue, but decided to rest at the advice of his doctors.

Big loss for LA!

Could you imagine all the hype around the postseason and you have to listen to some replacement scrub every game!?

The Dodgers did say he still plans on returning for his 67th season next year. Remember, earlier this year, Scully announced that he will return for AT LEAST one more year, in a sweet video board announcement made with Jimmy Kimmel. Check that out here