Video from Tim Lincecum Showcase

Tim Lincecum Showcase

Following hip surgery and a shoulder injury, Tim Lincecum is back throwing off of a mound fully healthy. He threw in a showcase for what was supposed to be around 20 MLB in attendance out in Arizona. I don’t know exactly how many organizations were represented during his workout, but there were around 75 scouts in attendance on Friday.Tim Lincecum Showcase

In true Tim Lincecum fashion, he showed up to throw wearing a USA jersey, board shorts, and camouflage socks. Gotta love the guy. Multiple sources say his fastball was 89-90 mph and topped out at 92 mph. Clearly not the old Freak we remember, but with the injuries he’s had, and being on the other side of age 30, I’m sure he’ll take it. He also mentioned that the adrenaline of a Major League Baseball game is hard to duplicate, and he believes he could pump it up to 93-94 on his fastball.

I really hope he gets a chance to play somewhere. If he really is healthy, I think he can definitely contribute to many teams in the league. The guy won two Cy Young Awards and World Series rings, as a starter and a reliever. I think he’s probably more suited in relief at this point in his comeback, but the talent and experience this guy can bring to a pitching staff is unmeasurable. You can’t tell much from watching a 41 pitch bullpen, other than his velocity and his health. If both of those check out, I think he might get an opportunity.

I wonder what kind of role the weed has played in his recovery. He probably enjoyed the months of no drug tests. Let’s get it Timmy.