The Most Unreal Steven Wright Knuckleball


Steven Wright threw a knuckleball vs the Orioles that you’ll have to stop and watch 10 times to appreciate.

The knuckleball is one of the greatest marvels in all of sports. It’s reserved for the few. Makes you think that some people were just born to throw a knuckleball. Just look at pictures of Time Wakefield, RA Dickey, and Steven Wright, and it’s like you can just see it in their faces that they’re knuckleballers. Oddly enough, they’ve created somewhat of a fraternity around the pitch, if you’ve ever seen the documentary Knuckleball on Netflix (recommended).

During his start vs the Orioles, Steven Wright threw a knuckleball that’s been going viral on twitter for good reason. You have to watch this vine at least 10 times to appreciate just how good it was. I found myself trying to follow the ball with my eyes and decide which way it moved. I failed.