Umpire Gets Drilled with Jefry Marte’s Thrown Bat


Terrifying moment in the Athletics Angels game last night in Anaheim.

It’s the bottom of the 9th and Angels Jefry Marte steps up to the plate. He takes a large hack and a miss at a pitch when the bat flies out of his hands straight backwards. The bat coems out with some serious velocity straight back when it hits home plate umpire Paul Emmel. The instant it hits him, he falls straight down to all fours, pulls off his helmet and hat, and his head is already leaking blood.

Paul Emmel was taken to a hospital in Anaheim last night where he received stitches to hold the gash in his head from Marte’s bat. Umpires of course wear masks, but the top of their heads are left uncovered. Maybe this will inspire a little extension to umpire masks in the future. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Paul Emmel make his next appearance behind the dish in a hockey style mask either. No word on whether or not he was experiencing concussion symptoms after the hit, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Do MLB umpires have a disabled list? Someone might be getting the call up here soon.