Tyler Collins Flips Off Home Fans


In Monday’s game against Oakland, Tigers outfielder Tyler Collins misplayed a fly-ball that he lost in the lights.

After misplaying the ball, Collins received boo’s from the home crowd. This, I find a little strange to begin with. As home fans, your job is to support your team. He made an error while they were up 6-0. So what? He lost it in the lights. It happens.

While Detroit fans continued booing, Collins made a gesture that wasn’t exactly too kind. He flipped off everybody in attendance.

Seed Sack

As you can see, Collins is just extremely pissed off. He’s probably wondering why he’s being disrespected by his home crowd. Although, I don’t completely agree with Collins flipping the bird to everyone. He should have just let the boo’s fly over his head and carried on with the game. I wasn’t offended in any way by this gesture to be honest. Many people are probably freaking out, trying to get this guy to pay a fine, which he probably will end up doing. But come on. It’s one thing if he was playing in Oakland, but his home fans were booing him. That’s not exactly a comfortable feeling.

To wrap up, I’m not against Collins in this situation. He was in the wrong, but so were the fans. I could see if it was a close game, maybe. But 6-0 Detroit? Seems a little weird to say the least.