Twitter roasts Dirtbags Baseball hideous uniforms

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    Twitter always gets hot and bothered over hideous uniforms, but last night they put the Dirtbags Baseball uni’s in a body bag.

    This is one of my top 5 favorite baseball twitter themes. The greatest of all time happened two years ago when I started to rip apart the uniforms of a high school baseball team.

    580 retweets on that is insane. But the best part was all the replies and DMs from…get this… coaches and parents of players on the team. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’d have thought I just damned their kids to hell. Really, this isn’t the players fault. I doubt they had much say in the uniforms, but nevertheless, DH Conley High School threw together one of the ugliest uniform combos I’ve ever seen.

    But I’ve got a lot of respect for the guys like this DH Conley pitcher who know how to have fun on twitter.

    Alright that’s enough with DH Conley, this episode is about Dirtbags Baseball. They’re a pretty well known summer club with something like 28 guys playing (or have played) in the bigs. Pretty successful I’d say, but we’re not worried about actual baseball here, just the uniforms.

    Take a look at the splatter Dirtbags Baseball threw together.

    My god, you’ve got to be kidding with these. I can’t help but picturing a couple of adults sitting around a computer staring at the mock up designs of these uniforms and saying to each other “man, the kids are gonna love these. The youngins are super into camo and splatter these days.” What’s also depressing is this isn’t their first edition of awful uniforms. Here’s a shot from their twitter page.



    But that’s enough from me, twitter always puts on a much better roast than I do.

    Great effort tonight everybody, very well done.