Tribute to The Kid Ken Griffey Jr #GOAT


There is absolutely no reason for this video right now.

But do you ever need a reason to view a Ken Griffey Jr highlight reel? Most definitely not. We’re less than a year away from seeing Griffey Jr inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. This video is from his induction into the Mariners Hall of Fame a few years ago.

Greatest of all time is a debate that will never¬†come to a conclusion. Look at his career numbers you’ll say no. But watching him play throughout the 90s you might consider it. ESPN wrote a piece in 2010 about how Griffey would have ended up had he been ableto stay healthy (had he taken steroids like everyone else ūüėČ )

22 seasons in the bigs, Ken Griffey Jr had 630 home runs. My dude¬†spent 12 different stints on the¬†DL. ESPN published a piece years back doing their best to project Griffey’s career stats had he stayed off the DL and it’s quite the interesting read.¬†You can check it out here.

They projected that Griffey would have finished with about 777 home runs had he stayed off the DL completely, but that’s a bit unrealistic. So they left room for some time on the DL not as drastic as the time he actually spent, and still came up with 730-755 career homers. Not to mention, if he ever came that close to Bonds’ record, he would have likely played a couple more years?