Tribute to Iron Man Cal Ripken Jr


It’s been 20 years since Cal Ripken Jr. set the unbreakable record – 2,131 straight games played.

There’s a lot of talk whether or not this is a meaningful record or not. If you ask me? It’s unbelievable. But, let’s cover both arguments.

Does playing every single day help or hurt your team? In a 162 game season I think it’s pretty understood why players need days off to play at their best. Without any full days off can a player really compete at a high level every day? Would you rather have a bumped and bruised Cal Ripken Jr in the lineup or a healthy back up utility player?

A lot can be said about the effect of having a guy in your clubhouse that’s willing to put his body on the line every single day. Having a guy that suits up no matter how sore or bruised up he is, sets a pretty good example for the level of play expected from his teammates.

With all the talent in the league today is it really necessary to push yourself to that limit?

Think about how much a guy like Cal Ripken Jr would be getting paid today. Do you think a team would allow someone worth $15,000,000 a year push themselves to play 2,131 straight games? Not a chance.

That is why this is the record that will NEVER be broken: 2,632

Flash back to 1995 and watch the video of this glorious day in baseball history