Trevor Bauer Shows Offseason Arm Strength Training


Trevor Bauer is one of my favorite players in the league, mostly because he’s a content machine and gets us a lot of clicks anytime his name is in the title of a tweet. But he’s known for a couple things in particular. The majority of Trevor Bauer content revolves around drones, weird tweets, and his throwing programs.

Trevor Bauer trains in the offseason with the guys at Driveline¬†up in Washington. They’ve become pretty popular in the past couple years for their outside the box training techniques, and founder Kyle Boddy’s challenging the status quo.

MLB Network’s 30 teams in 30 days series during Spring Training brought Sean Casey to Indians camp this weekend, and he spent some time with Trevor Bauer. Now we get the treat of listening to the drone king himself walk us through some of his slightly odd arm training techniques. In all seriousness, this is kinda cool and might give you some tips and tricks to add to your training and warm ups.