Top 9 Worst Head Shots


As a pitcher, your worst nightmare is getting drilled by a line-drive to the head coming off an exit velocity of around 100mph. It has happened so many times, and it can even provoke a pitcher to never step foot on the mound again.

Here’s a list of my personal top 10 worst head shots to a major league pitcher:

  • #9 – April 14, 2016. Pirates Gerrit Cole takes Jordan Zimmerman line-drive straight off the top of the head

  • ¬†#8- July 19, 2016. Pirates Jameson Taillon takes linedrive from Hernan Perez off the head

  • #7- September 5, 2012. A’s Brandon McCarthy took a shot to the head from Aybar liner


    • #6- August 17, 2015. Yankees Bryan Mitchell was drilled in the face by a Nunez line-drive.


  • #5- ¬†September 15, 2015. Brewers Jimmy Nelson hit in the head by Pham’s liner.



  • #4- May 9, 2013. Blue Jays J.A. Happ was struck by a Desmond Jennings line-drive.



  • #3- June 17, 2013. Rays Alex Cobb struck by Eric Hosmer’s bullet, forced to leave by stretcher.



  • #2- April 28, 2015. D-Backs Archie Bradley drilled by a CarGo liner.



  • #1- August 7, 2014. Marlins Dan Jennings was absolutely drilled by Jordy Mercer’s line-drive to the head. His brain was clearly rattled inside of his head, as he walked around in shock, almost looking like he wasn’t aware as to what just happened.



  • If you’re a pitcher who just watched all of these videos, you’re probably thinking about a position change, and rightfully so.