Top 5 Pre Game Jams 2016 (Hip-Hop Edition)

Finding a way to get pumped up shouldn't be so hard, these are the 5 songs to listen to.

Pre Game Jams
Jarrod Dyson does the Yung Joc dance after stealing third base vs As back in 2014.

Finding a way to get pumped up shouldn’t be so hard, and music is the best way to trigger our brain in such a way. Seeing professional athletes with headphones isn’t an uncommon sight to see. Whether you are getting ready to win a title or just running foul poles, music is what you need to take it to the next level. Here are 5 songs you should be sure not to miss on your pre game jams playlist.

5. Calm Down – G-Eazy

Sure, a calm, steady composure is highly valued in our sport but don’t let the title of this song fool you.  “Calm Down” is a fast-paced hip hop banger with great bass if your system can handle it.  It is only about two minutes long but it packs a punch.  When you claim to be the best rapper since Eminem then you’ve got to produce.  Any player should appreciate a little self-confidence and this song has the potential to put you on the right track.

4. Save Dat Money (Ft. Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan) – Lil Dicky

Yes, this song is quite humorous when you listen to it or watch the video of course, but the rapping is well done and the beat is catchy.  Lil Dicky brings the heat with his flow and genius musical concept.  Fetty Wap had a great 2015 with some of the hottest songs of the year, and is a great match for this song’s chorus as well.  Rich Homie Quan’s limited time featuring on this song is a good touch as well.  As far as saving money, unless you’re a big leaguer, chances are you are in the same boat.

3.  Summer Sixteen – Drake

Come on guys, you had to have known that Drake would be on the list.  He has been dropping hit after hit for the past few years and is expecting 2016 to be no different.  After a punishing diss song directed at Meek Mill (Back to Back), Drake has continued to roll.  Be sure to stay on the lookout for what is to come.  This song comes in at #3 as a single sure to get you feeling like you can take on any competition this year.

2. King of Everything – Wiz Khalifa

I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be king of everything? As a pitcher, you command your pitches and the tempo of the game. As a position player, you have the opportunity to lead your team’s offense to rule the bases. After a nice, slow building start this song features a beat that can make anyone bob to it. Wiz Khalifa has a sweet lineup of pump up songs by himself but this single, released in December, is the latest of this smooth rapping star’s list of hits.

 1. Where Ya At (Ft. Drake) – Future

Future and Drake dominated the charts in 2015, it is only right to find them at the top of this list. Everyone is fighting their own battle whether it be a performance issue, lack of support, or just working toward their goal.  This song is a success anthem for those who needed help on their way to the top and didn’t get it until it was too late.  You’ve got to reach your goals on your own, in your own way and when you do remember those who believed in you.