Tons of Media Appearances This Week


Outside of a few speaking engagements (audience of 4,000 live tops) and being mentioned in some online blogs (positive and negative 😉 ), I haven’t done a tone of “media appearances.” Was never really something I was into or was looking for. I’m more of an under-the-radar-hide-in-my-bedroom type worker (yes the kid that tweets every 10 seconds from one account or another, blogs, and publishes everything online is actually quite private by choice).

Recently things have been coming left and right it seems. I must be currently in a good thought vibration! I totally believe in it. When you go through the drastic ups and downs, you really become aware of the power of your thoughts and attitude. Although most people come out thinking “things were great so I was happy and grateful,” when in reality I believe it to be more of “I was happy and grateful so things were great.”

I’ve noticed myself saying “thank you” more often to my audience, followers, and readers. I used to be on snapchat like “guys we’re number 1!” Now I mix in some “guys we’re number 1 thanks a ton!” Makes a huge difference.

Along with having Lance McCullers Jr of the Houston Astros on the podcast yesterday, which brought over 1,000 downloads in the 12 hours after its release, an episode of my friend Michael Carbone’s Unleash Yourself podcast that I was on hit iTunes. It came out really well, Michael is a really sharp guy and we dove into some really important topics. He interviews people that are doing some amazing unique things, and are currently on the come-up. Which I think is cool because you can always find interviews and content from people that have “made it” but it’s completely different hearing from people that are still gaining their momentum. You can listen to it here


I also had a 10 minute spot on a sports radio station in New Jersey. Honestly don’t know much about the station, but the host of the show is a cool young guy that’s been following and interacted with me for a few years I think. But he seems to be really good at what he does and it was fun going live talking about the Indians, Mets World Series, and the story of (starts 20 minutes in)