Toledo SS Deion Tansel Has Hops


In a lackluster 11-5 game the other day between Toledo and Wright State there were few bright spots for the Toledo Rockets. However, Deion Tansel owns one of them you are bound to see on Sportscenter’s Top 10 plays in the coming day or two.

Toledo’s shortstop Deion Tansel flashes some serious hops and goes up to rob a line drive base hit.

Not bad for a 5’8″ middle infielder huh?

Pretty lackluster season for the Toledo Rockets. They stand 8-27-1 at the time this article is published. At this point in the season your main goal is to light up the highlight reel with hops like these, and maybe get yourself some SportsCenter love (or some Baseball Fam love?).

Tansel however is the lone highlight of this Toledo team at this point by looking at the 2016 stat sheet. He’s the only hitter on the team hitting above .300 coming in at .304. He’s also second on the team in extra base hits, and has the least amount of strikeouts. Leave it to the 5’8″ guy to lead the team in power numbers?

Toledo really hits .217 as a team in the MAC. They average just 3.36 runs per game. That’s not good, but nice hops Deion Tansel.


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