Tips & Hacks for High School Baseball Tryouts

Giving it your all

high school baseball softball tryouts

As the season is approaching, many players are preparing for their high school baseball and softball tryouts. For those of us who have been playing baseball most of our lives, tryouts aren’t something we worry about too much. It occurs to us as regular drills and batting practice. The only thing we know we can’t do, is screw up. The worst thing ever is having a bad tryout, especially if you’re not familiar with the coach. So what are some tips and hacks you can use to make sure you have the best tryout you can possibly have?

  • Focus on fundamentals. What coaches usually look for are your strengths and weaknesses. Take it easy, relax, and don’t try to be fancy. You would hate for that to backfire.
  • Consider using a lighter, shorter bat. Most of the time, you hop in a cage and take about 10 swings. Using a lighter bat will help you get your swing around quicker, as tryouts are usually rushed. It will also show the coach great bat speed, which is a great component to hitting.
  • Always hustle and do what the coach asks. Showing respect is a great way to get on the coaches good side.
  • Don’t goof off or screw around. The coach has no time for that stuff, and could possibly throw you on the list of players to cut.
  • Lastly, give it 100%. You don’t want to half-ass anything. If you were to get cut because you didn’t give it your all, knowing you had potential that was not showcased would be devastating.

So for all you high school baseball and softball players trying out, keep in mind the values and traits coaches look for. And always give it your best. Best of luck to those trying out, and let’s get ready for another season of baseball.