Tips for Hitters – Yes Mode

tips for hitters yes mode

Hitting Is Hard. One of the most important tips for hitters? Focus on being in “yes mode.”

Fail 7/10 times for a career & you’re a Hall of Famer! So it would make sense to go to the plate with a clear mind & a “yes mode” mentality.

“I Will Hit The Ball.”

My question to hitters remains the same…What are you thinking about at the plate? What is going through your mind? What are you feeling?

“Coach, I’m afraid of getting hit.”

“What do I do if the ball is inside?”

“How will I react if the ball is outside?”

“Will I be too late?”

“Will I be too early?”

“Change Up?” “Curveball?” “Fastball?”

These are valid & consistent thoughts among hitters. My next statement is how can you be thinking of all of that but still have time to react & decide if you are going to swing?

Lets break those thoughts down to two simple words:



Your mind is free, you’re relaxed & comfortable at the plate. The ball is in the pitcher’s hand and all that you’re thinking is “YES” all the way. You’re aggressive & in attack mode. “I WILL HIT THE BALL!”

The ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, and during the time it gets to you, your thoughts are “yes, yes, yes, and go.”

You are attacking strikes & recognizing balls.

You are staying aggressive & recognizing the “no” (or ball) with a check swing because you were aggressive, or a layoff.

You have progressed & improved physically as hitters. Your minds are stronger & you will have success.