More Tips for College Freshman

Prepare, Spring ball is coming.


Since my first list of tips for college freshman was relatively popular, I ddownloadecided to make another one. This one came about because no one told me how tough it is to stay in shape and eat right while you’re at home on break. My freshman year I found it extremely difficult to eat right and find time to lift and run while you’re taking care of family stuff

So, here you go:

1.  Get a job.

Really any job will do the trick, but I would recommend a retail job. You’re not only going to make money for next semester so you can stay boozing in style, but it’s also going to help you stay in shape. My second winter break I got around to getting a job to help pay the bills but I sweat so much from moving stock around all day that I dropped ten pounds over the course of a month’s break. I loved it even though I had deal with the shittiest people ever. But dealing with assholes also helps you be a better teammate. I was more understanding and I listened better after I got done with that horrific job.

2. Don’t boredom eat. Replace it with boredom exercising.

This one killed me during my first winter break. I love good food so while I was playing video games or reading I would be snacking on whatever I could find in the house. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always healthy. The next year, I bought a pull up bar for my bedroom door-frame and whenever I would feel bored or slightly hungry, I would pump out a set of chin ups until failure. When I got bored of those, I moved on to push ups, sit ups, or squat jumps.

It doesn’t matter when you exercise, it only matters how much and how often you do. In between matches of Call of Duty I would do a set and then sit back down and recover. I would do this all day until I couldn’t do any more. You’re gonna have a lot of down time so use it to the best of your abilities. 

3. Set goals for yourself.

For me, at least, setting goals for myself lets my brain know that I’m serious about staying in shape and improving. Not only this, but it also keeps you accountable. Last winter, I reached four out of my five goals. I was happy with myself but still I was angry that didn’t meet all of my goals. It held me accountable and motivated me to do more and to compete so that I could finish all of my goals in the five weeks that I had before school started again.

4. You’re going to miss college.

For the first week or two it is going to be great showering without flip flops on, and it’s going to be great having good food at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, home is definitely not college. You’re going to be under your parents rules again and you have to drive everywhere. Try not to complain too much because being at home is great and you don’t have to pay for laundry. Use this time to get back into your hobbies, hone your rusty skills, and get back in touch with your high school friends.

5. Keep your arm in shape.

This is probably the biggest tip you can get. Invest in some plyocare balls from This is going to keep your arm in shape, it’s going to get your arm stronger, and all you need is a brick wall to throw them against. I use my basement walls and I just chuck them as hard as I can against it. You’ll come back throwing gas.


You can thank me later when you come back next semester in tip top shape. #SIUEFA