Tigers players tell recently traded JD Martinez “Go Win a Ring” during goodbyes


Every now and again during MLB trade deadline time, you’ll see a player yanked from a game and given the news he’s been traded. You’ll see him shaking hands and hugs with his teammates in the dugout, and it’s pretty cool to see.

This scenario seemed a little bit cooler to me. JD Martinez was just traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and this footage was taken in the tunnel by Josh Tolentino as he shook hands with his Tigers teammates.

The coolest thing about this video… you can vaguely hear a “go win a ring JD” in the background. When you play for a club for a couple years with many of the same guys, I imagine it’s a tough thing to go through at first. I can only relate to what it’s like leaving a summer ball team after playing 50+ games together, let alone a couple seasons. Safe to say he loved Detroit, and his former teammates are rooting for him.

Update: In JD Martinez’s first at-bat with the Diamondbacks, he took a pitch to the hand and was removed from the game.